Wearing the Gold Rolex Day-Date Replica Watch

A shining Rolex Day-Date replica watch is a luxury model to add stylish sophistication to any wardrobe. A newly-established and popular fake watch with a yellow gold bracelet and white dial, this outstanding collector’s piece will show you a new and fresh scene.
This replica Rolex Day-Date made an amazing debut in the watch world, which was introduced in 1956. It was the first wristwatch of its kind to display the date and day of the week fully displayed in full on the dial and it was available in only 18-carat gold or platinum. Made almost by hand, this common watch works for the daytime grind and evening play. rolex-078845_03
For a casual office look, wear the Rolex Day-Date replica watch with tan or beige khakis, and add a button-down in white with a wool sweater in hunter green or gray. Finish the look with Oxford wingtip dress shoes in tan or cognac. However, for an evening ensemble, try a sport coat, printed button-down left un-tucked and a pair of dark wash jeans.
The Day-Date really shines just as well as any travel fake watch from Rolex and can be a vagabond’s dream come true. With a shiny and appealing yellow-gold President band and unique three-piece links, it works normally as the mainstay in a traveler’s ever-changing wardrobe. A solid statement piece, it can be added to different types of business suits and casual after hours’ sweater and jean styles.
This typical watch is a chic wrist accessory even for the man on the move, since it is perfect for jaunts for business and leisure. Need more style inspiration? The Day-Date fake watch also works with fitted t-shirts, bomber jackets and trendy turtlenecks. Lots of popular athletes and musicians tend to wear gold timepieces with white crew neck t-shirts and simple cardigans.
If you want to stylize a unique and amazing rolex replica watches for sale, you have to be sure to match other metals and colors. Double check belt buckles, rings, collar bars, and cufflinks to keep the gold theme in play. See how Bruno Mars rocks his Day-Date. Anyway, even a gorgeous gold watch can lose its luster if it’s not in the right hands.

best selling replica tissot watches with unique features 

The fake tissot watch comes with many functions, and you may curious and eager to know something about it before the purchasing, i will share the points i learnt from other website with you now.
i really like how light weight this watch is, but please don’t worry, this watch doesn’t feel like a toy either. the sapphire crystal and titanium case smash those ideas, but if there’s one huge draw back in this outdoor hiking tool watch, it’s the luminescence. the hour and minute hands have some originally, but it doesn’t last long. there is a basic luminescence on the digital read, but it is not what i would expect.

the replica watch strap was really easy to handle with the brushed and signed titanium butterfly clasp. it has a textured interior matching the dial’s photovoltaic pattern and seems to offer some grips. it was easy to operate, but has to be cut fit to your wrist. they offer you several grooved guides in the rubber to guide the cuts on both ends. this should create some pause for those who have no idea of instructions or do not measure twice to cut once. please don’t wing it here.
the plastic butterfly clasp is the other weak link on the strap, which holds the rubber to the titanium buckle. i know it would be necessary to keep down the weight, but this has to be one of more critical points on the watch. if that plastic piece on the strap breaks like the twine holding down the mattress, you have to find a replacement strap, and that seems pretty easy to get.
tissot has twenty watches in its touch collection, and it comes with six different categories and multiple variations of straps and bracelets. it has some unique functions that i would use on my weekend warrior trips, so i guess this could be a solid addition to my watch drawer. i love the case weight, and it makes me feel comfortable in the strength of the sapphire crystal, the novelty of the touch screen together with the environmentally friendly rechargeable power.
however, in the opposite way, i am interested in the plastic butterfly clasp and the permanent sizing of the rubber strap since it has to be cut to fit. i think the luminescence functions could be better as well.

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Rolex Lovers- the Top-quality Rolex Datejust Oyster Perpetual 36 mm Watches 

copy RolexAs the first wrist watch with an automatic date display on a dial, the Datejust Oyster Perpetua took place in the amazing Rolex history. This iconic timepiece for men, with special classical design is a synonym for luxury and elegance.
The first Rolex Datejust watch has been created in 1945. It was a technological achievement and made entirely of yellow gold ahead of the time. The complete name of this watch, Rolex Datejust Oyster Perpetual, signified the very best that watchmaking industry could make – Oyster case and bezel that protected the perpetual (self-winding) movement from shocks, water, pressure and dust.
This name shows that the fake Rolex had carried out the pure quality from the past and upgraded it with the strong touch of advanced technology. New Rolex watches from the men’s Datejust collection are powered by the Rolex Caliber automatic movement, which comprises 31 jewels and oscillates at frequency of 28.800 vibrations per hour.
This mechanism is the officially certified chronometer, which means that it responded to the most demanding testing by the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres), with the highest correction in variety of positions and temperatures. It guaranties about 50 hours’ autonomy, when it’s not worn.
The Datejust watches have very gorgeous features from the past, so prestigious and recognizable that after some modifications in 1970’s, and the replica Rolex designers have not changed anything at all.
Nevertheless, the well-know and popular Swiss watchmaker offers many varieties in the Datejust Collection. Keeping the same basic design, with the magnifying Cyclops eye and distinctive 36 mm case, variations are controlled by different materials and colors of a dial, a few types of bezel and finally, on different bracelet models.
Rolex Replica crafts its Datajust timepieces in extremely tough and highly polished 904L steel, 18-karat yellow/white/Everose gold, or Rolesor (combination of steel and any one form of gold). The most striking models in the collection come with the Rolex signature feature, and best designed fluted Oyster bezel, which had been very functional and protective element, before it became a purely aesthetic element.
Hermetically sealed Oyster case, screw-in crown and sapphire crystal cover guaranty a great durability and water-resistance up to 100 meters.
Made solely of steel, the Datejust model is a depiction of ageless excellence. This Rolex watch has a domed bezel, a sapphire crystal glass and a jubilee bracelet with crown clasp. The dial comes in silver and white color.

One Classical Rose Gold Rolex in Great Demand 

There would be a large number of people who prefer the appearance of rose gold for the warm luster that it brings to their watches. Rolex replica has been manufacturing timepieces with pink gold for many years; however it is only in more recent years that their proprietary rose gold alloy, known as Everose, has made an appearance on their watches.
The warm hue of pink gold originated from its copper content. Copper is the only red metal element, and the amount of copper in a rose gold alloy have a big effect on the color of the metal. Over time, exposure to saltwater and chlorine can affect the copper on the surface of the metal, resulting in the rose gold to lose its warm, red-colored tint.replica rolex watches
The replica Rolex introduced Everose in 2005, their proprietary blend of 18-karat pink gold that combines pure gold, copper, and a small amount of platinum to make a unique rose gold alloy which will never lose its warm red color. The platinum locks in the copper’s natural pink tint, which permits the metal to retain its original color. Even after prolonged exposure to environmental factors that would otherwise diminish its warm, rose-colored tint the color holds true.
Rolex’s Everose alloy first made an appearance on their Daytona line of watches. The Rolex Daytona rose gold came as a fresh take on the premium version of Rolex’s sport chronograph. Rolex had been manufacturing chronographs in solid gold for many years. Nevertheless, yellow gold was used on the vast majority of these watches. The introduction of Everose provided buyers with a contemporary twist on an iconic and classic design.
A watch made completely from yellow gold is a typical and timeless look. However, the red/pink tone of rose gold offers a slightly warmer and more subdued appearance that blends better with a wider range of outfits. Rolex watches in Everose gold work equally well for both men and women. It can be seen on a wide range of celebrities, ranging from Roger Federer to Victoria Beckham and almost everyone in between. Rolex has been using Everose gold in their watches for over a decade, nonetheless, it is only available as a choice for select watch lines like the Day-Date. The Submariner and GMT-Master II are offered in stainless steel, 18-karat yellow gold, and Rolesor (stainless steel and gold). Rolex even manufactures versions of both watches in solid 18-karat white gold; however, Everose does not exist as an option for the Submariner and GMT-Master II lines of watches, in either the Rolesor or solid gold varieties.
A gold Rolex watch has become an internationally recognized symbol of personal progress and achievement. No other perfect watch manufacturer has as much widespread recognition as a replica Rolex – and gold is the perfect material to encapsulate the feeling of prestige and accomplishment. Gold is one of the oldest materials for use in timepieces. What’s more, rose gold brings a fresh, warm tone to an otherwise very familiar and classic style. Rolex’s proprietary 18-karat Everose alloy has top standards, thus promising a lifetime of exceptional warmth and beauty.

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Where to Buy a Perfect Vintage Rolex Replica Watch? 

We should not ignore the fact that vintage Rolex watches tend to appreciate in value, along with their reliability, and exquisite craftsmanship, it all adds up to a vintage market which has always prosperous – never more so than today. That depends on who you ask. Some say a watch has to be at least 20-years old to qualify, others believe a piece doesn’t reach that status until a new version of that special model is launched. However, others would think when some materials are phased out of its construction: for instance, when tritium gave way to Luminova in the nineties.
No matter what definition you would make up your mind to go with, owning a top-quality vintage Rolex can be an extremely rewarding experience, not just for the cool, set-yourself-apart factor, but also for the thrill of the hunt. Nothing beats tracking down and snagging that perfect reference for collectors—that one-of-a-kind model with a story to tell.
The quality of the current influx of fakes is so convincing that no amount of photos the watch can give you all the information you need to tell if you’re bidding on the genuine article. Our website is really a good recommendation for the replica branded watches. The more traditional type of auction, rather than the eBay version, is increasing massively in popularity. You’ll have read about the incredible sums being paid out recently for lots such as Paul Newman’s Daytona or the ‘Bao Dai’ that belonged to the last emperor of Vietnam—now the most expensive Rolex ever sold. If you were thinking that your pockets might not be quite deep enough to join the elite at one of these events, think again.rolex replica
The lots that make the headlines are just a tiny sample of the pieces sold at auction. The auction houses make most of their revenue offering the type of vintage watches that are well within reach of the rest of us, and can be a great place to find that special reference you’ve had your eye on. Auctions are great, but only if you can keep your emotions in check! It’s very easy to get caught up in a bidding war in all the excitement and go well over your budget. It’s just as easy to forget the extra 10-20% charge you have to pay to the auctioneer on top of your winning bid.
Where buying at auction scores points is in its transparency. You can physically hold the watch in your hand, and then discuss it with the staff and also get a good idea of its provenance in the site catalog. Reputable houses, such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s, have highly trained specialists to inspect every watch that comes through their doors and the pieces are offered for sale on their recommendation. So, if they feel they are looking at a ‘Franken-watch’, a vintage piece that has had parts interchanged with non-standard or inferior replacements, which will be noted in the item’s description and reflected in the estimate.
That doesn’t mean you get away without having to do your due diligence here as well. Take as much time as you need to investigate the seller among forums and by reading testimonials. See how long they’ve been in business, the qualifications of their watchmakers, and whether they use genuine Rolex parts for servicing. Additionally, search if there are any major publications endorsing a vintage Rolex seller for an unbiased opinion. You’re buying the seller as well as the watch. See what kind of guarantee they offer and what it entitles you to in the unlikely event you end up with a fake.
Buying a vintage Rolex is an adventure and challenge. Get it right, and you’ll be rewarded with a truly stunning watch that transcends fashion and will be passed down to children and grandchildren. On the contrary, get it wrong, and your reward is a hole in your wallet where there used to be money. In conclusion, spend time conducting research. Try and take your emotions out of it, and if anything seems off, move on.

omega replica

Best Replica Omega Involved in the America’s Cup Game with Two New Watches 

Last time, we have talked about the special model replica watch of Pieria, and we all know that the replica Zenith are putting out for the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda. Now, Omega is getting into the game with two new limited edition timepieces in support of the Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ). This team may face the defending champions, Oracle Team USA, if ETNZ wins the qualifying rounds and then the semifinals.
In order to make progress they’d have to beat Land Rover BAR (supported by Zenith) but with qualifiers barely underway, anything could break out. The field is wide open currently with other challengers still running which consist of: Artemis Racing of Sweden, Groupama Team France, and SoftBank Team Japan. As ETNZ’s special partner and official timekeeper, the replica Omega has created a number of watches for their own and is hoping to make a good showing in Bermuda.
According to the fake Omega, these timepieces were made with “the DNA of the Emirates Team New Zealand in mind.” The unique edition Speedmaster innovated for the team could have been a big chance to do something really greatly, however, it has come out as sort of a Frankenstein.
With serious competition against Zenith and Panerai, Omega brings their own watches to the table. The Speedmaster X-33 Regatta ETNZ Limited Edition is worn by the crew while on board. While the watch’s combination of both analog and digital functions is actually practical, it seems like a disservice to the timeless layout of the Speedmaster.replica omega watch
The timepiece consists of the essential regatta function to keep track of the critical five-minute countdown to the start of each race. Looking underneath the watch’s sail, so to say, we see the Omega Calibre 5620 quartz multifunctional chronograph movement. Be quick, as production is limited to 2,017 pieces.
When most people think the Seamaster Planet Ocean ETNZ from the fake Omega is the better looking of the two, there are other qualities apart from its design. Inspired by the New Zealand flag, its black base with red and blue detailing is no nice. It features a ceramic bezel in blue and red rubber for the first 10 minutes and START in “LiquidMetal” for the final 5. The dot at 12 o’clock is full of Super-Luminova which emits a green glow. Its vertically-brushed ceramic dial has 18K white gold indexes and a GMT ring with day/night display. The replica Omega’s admirable Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8906 powers the timepiece. The caseback which covers the calibre has the ETNZ logo and is surrounded with the words “CHALLENGER 35TH AMERICA’S CUP”, which makes it to be the winner with biggest possibilities.

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Fake Longines Record Watches – Brand’s First COSC-Certified Collection 

We have to make it clear that watch Releases a brand’s 185th anniversary is not just a piece of improvement. At Baselworld 2017, Longines marked this occasion by announcing a new collection of simple, Calatrava-styled timepieces known as the replica Longines Record watches. Aside from offering buyers a choice from four sizes and an assortment of dial options, these watches incorporate a few technical touches to assist with accurate timekeeping. Of considerable note here is the fact that this is the first collection of watches from Longines that have been entirely COSC chronometer-certified.
Before we talk about the movement, however, it would be crucial important to appreciate the variety offered in the lineup. To attract a broad market segment, Longines is offering the Longines Record watches in case sizes of 26mm, 30mm, 38.5mm, and 40mm. Other options such as diamond-set cases on two of the women’s sizes, leather strap or steel strap options, and a variety of dial selections like mother-of-pearl, blue sunray, matte white, black lacquer, and more. All of the replica watches provide 30m of water proof and feature blued steel or rhodium-plated hands depending on the dial option along with an AR-coated sapphire crystal as well as an exhibition case back.fake watch
As a Swatch Group brand, the Longines Record watches feature exclusively produced ETA-based movements that have been tuned for COSC-certification. Their simple, time-only displays are driven by the caliber L592.4 in the women’s models and the caliber L888.4 in the men’s models. Though simple in their nature, Longines has also incorporated the use of a crystal-silicon balance spring-a feature that moves these beyond your typical ETA movements. While this isn’t a new development, it’s worth nothing that the use of silicon in this capacity helps in the areas of resistance to temperature, shock, and magnetic fields.
Here’s a simple rundown of COSC-certification guidelines if you’re not immediately familiar. After considerable testing, watches must adhere to timekeeping parameters of -4 to +6 seconds of variation per day in a range of positions. While the Longines Record watches prove to be a fine choice for this endeavor, I suppose it will be exciting to see where and how Longines will utilize these new COSC-certified movements in future releases as well. What’s more, the L592.4 and L888.4 movements deliver 40 and 64 hours of power reserve, respectively, and support a simple date indicator at 3 o’clock for convenience in daily wear.
The replica Longines Record replica watches are clear symbol of the brand’s commitment, not just to movement quality, but growth. The fact that there are so many available options is also a big plus and will only help to support more of a universal appeal for a wide range of prospective buyers. As I mentioned previously, I’m hopeful that Longines will continue to expand upon this and incorporate the movements into future models and maybe even some of my existing favorites like the Longines Heritage Military COSD watch.

replica TAG Heuer

2017 Newly Designed Replica Watch of TAG Heuer Link Watch 

In fact, one of TAG Heuer’ most redesigned modern-era watches is Omega Speedmaster Racing, with a host of models that have existed in the collection’ history since the year of 1987. In other words, for 2017, the TAG Heuer Link collection turns 30 years old, and therefore, TAG Heuer provides a brand new design for both male and female. This is the TAG Heuer Link Calibre 5 collection for men, which launches the new TAG Heuer Link case, dial, and bracelet. The size of 36mm with quartz movement for woman is available.
My first TAG Heuer timepiece was a Link, which had a very different appearance than these new models in 2017. The TAG Heuer Link was always meant to be a watch that consist the appeal of both a dress and sports watch – but it does feel as though for 2017 these watches are a little more on the dress-watch side. Therefore, if you consider the TAG Heuer Link a dress watch, at least it isn’t a boring one. The new interpretation of the Link’ “S-link” bracelet is decidedly dressier, and the dial is much simpler, with an ultra-legible set of aggressive-appearance hands and hour markers.
One design personality which defines the 2017 TAG Heuer Link models so much is case polishing. Most of the Link watches in my memory have all brushed/satin polished cases, whereas the 2017 collection has obviously polished and brushed surfaces. This is most apparent in the bracelet, which with this new number of polish offers many shine compared to more matte-finished TAG Heuer Link bracelets of a while ago. Replica TAG Heuer makes some other watches with Link-style bracelets in both the Carrera and Formula 1 collections (most notably the Senna watches – as Ayrton Senna wore a Link watch in the early 1990s).
In my opinion, it will take people some while for the new generation TAG Heuer Link watch to rise on them. This is a very different type of TAG Heuer Link in terms of appearance and personality. It is seldom that you have such a distinctive and bold-looking bracelet matched with a case and dial which are a bit simpler compared to others. As we said above, I think that’ not a good thing in fact, because we could use more interesting bracelets which appealing to themselves. One good thing is that it appears TAG Heuer has engineered the bracelet to be a little easier to adjust. Some older generation TAG Heuer Link bracelets were incredibly complicated to adjust for size. Let’ see the rear of the bracelet and you’ll find small pushers that areoperated to remove the links. The bracelet also has a well made and substantial-feeling butterfly-style clasp.
The polished elements of the bracelet links are on the sides or edges, but the surfaces are brushed. This makes for a very attention-grabbing but also masculine look. I do believe that offer access to the TAG Heuer Link to be among the few watches out there which can be a true “men’ jewelry” piece. The case echoes the look of the bracelet to a degree as the flat bezel is brushed with a chamfered polished side. The case and bracelet integration is well-done and is another part of the new look of the 2017 TAG Heuer Link family.
Inside the TAG Heuer Link for 2017 is a TAG Heuer Calibre 5 three-hand automatic mechanical movement, which is a base Swiss Sellita SW200. This actually resembles to an ETA 2824 and operates at 4Hz with about two days of power reserve. You can see the movement through the sapphire crystal at the back of the case. What a pity, the movement is more or less entirely un-decorated, so the view through the back of the case for seasoned watch lovers leaves a bit to be desired.
The case is water proof to 100 meters, and over the dial is a flat, AR-coated sapphire crystal. With all the curves of the case, I am kind of wondering what the TAG Heuer Link would seem with a slightly domed sapphire crystal. The dial’ hour markers and hands are very well-proportioned with the latter being totally well-sized (which I always highly appreciate). While most dress watches are a bit more subdued and discreet, the dial of the fake TAG Heuer Link is full of large-sized elements ranging from the hands and the hour markers to the text and TAG Heuer logo itself. This is the most “larger than life” TAG Heuer Link I’ve ever seen.
Small details throughout the entire design help round out a sense of refinement, even if the combination of case design, dial, and bracelet don’t work for everyone. Just like what I said, I like the bracelet layout, soph

Replica Watches

Top Quality Replica Watches for Small Hands and Wrists 

With a large number of releasing for the large and oversized fake watches, it is getting harder and harder for men to find watches that are the suitable size for their wrist and proportions. We’re going to focus on how men with smaller hands and wrists can find the perfect sized watch in this article.Replica Watch
Unfortunately, latest trends have caused watchmakers to produce larger and bolder timepieces, which isn’t ideal for smaller men. Nothing looks more awkward and out of place than a slight gentleman wearing an oversized replica watches. He can be wearing the most elegant and well-fitting bespoke suit, but that fake watch will end up being the focus of anyone who sees him.
First and foremost, a timepiece is a time-telling device. Second, it is also a fashionable accessory. However, like most accessories, it should remain subtle, elegant and understated. For the same reason the elegant gentleman doesn’t wear large bling and chains, he also refrains from wearing oversized and gaudy fake watches that flash and shine more than he does. It is used to enhance your appearance, not alter it.
However, what defines a small wrist? That’s probably the better question. The fact is that it
often has nothing to do with your overall stature. There are many tall men with small wrists and many short men with large wrists. It really comes down to actual size. A small wrist can be considered as being under the size of 6.5 inches or 17 cm in size. If your wrist is larger than that, but you still feel your wrist is small, the same principles outlined in this guide will work for you. If you don’t have a tape measure and want to find out if this article is for you, take a dollar bill and wrap it around your wrist. U.S. paper currency is exactly six inches long, so if it’s touching or just shy of touching end to end, you have a small wrist.
The cheap replica watch has minimal embellishments, such as large crowns, pushers or other features that make it look bigger. The most important factor is the size. Ideally, you want a replica with a case size that is under the size of 40mm. The size of the case will be integral in determining how that watch will look on your wrist. If you happen to have larger wrists but smaller hands, a smaller watch of this size will also work as it makes the wrist look smaller and the hand, larger.
The other point is the thickness of the watch. The thinner the timepiece is, the better it will look on a small wrist. This doesn’t mean you have to walk over to the women’s section of the jewelry store. It just means looking for thin watches, which, as it turns out, are more collectible anyhow and will retain their value. The reason for this is that takes for more skill to make a thin watch movement than a thick one.Replica Watch
The third thing you want to look at is the trap or fake watch band. It is a good idea to know what size you take so you can determine what size band will fit. If you’re purchasing new, the size of the factory-included strap that comes with the watch can be a fairly good indicator of the size of the wrist the fake watch is intended to look best on. Certainly, there are exceptions to that rule, and less expensive replica watches will tend to have standardized straps on them. You may have to purchase an after-market strap, and we strongly suggest thin leather straps or understated metal bands.
The final thing worth considering is the design of the timepiece. Simpler timepieces without embellishment will work the best on a small wrist as they bring less attention to the fake watch. A black leather strap, a metal or white gold case and a simple dial will blend in better than a yellow gold band, a diamond encrusted bezel and a bold complication on the dial. The same goes for the standard parts of a watch such as the lugs, the pusher, the crown, etc. The larger or bolder these parts, the bolder the replica watch will appear on your wrist.

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross BR X2 replica watch with tourbillon micro-rotor automatic

Among all these Baselworld 2017, one of the most interesting new watches I found was the Bell & Ross BR X2 Micro-Rotor Automatic. Because of a new case, movement, and special design, this circa $65,000 limited-edition watch is a pretty testament to why we like wearing bold layout with transparent mechanical movements. Bell & Ross president Carlos Rosillo was wearing it at Baselworld’ Bell & Ross stand, enthusiastically showing it off – Mr. Rosillo gets much more excited about his new products than any other brand leader I learned.
He asks me “what is the most important part of a wristwatch?” I’m very sure I know he hopes I will answer “the movement,” so I do. “Yes,” and he proceeds to explain to me how the design philosophy of the BR X2 watch is all about removing what appears to be the separation of case and movement, instead melding it into one visual object. Therefore, with a steel movement plate between two thick layers of carefully machined sapphire crystal, there is a transparent sapphire case that connects directly to the movement. The effect is both visually stunning and rather novel.
Bell & Ross does this entirely for visual spectacle – and it actually works. When I last came across a concept resembling this, it was in the Piaget 900P (aBlogtoWatch hands-on here) which mixed with the movement plate and watch case so as to make the thinnest mechanical watch movement in the world. While the Bell & Ross BR X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Automatic is in fact thinner-feeling than the brand’ other square-cased “Instrument” replica watches, it isn’t about breaking size records. More importantly, it is about looking darn cool while also being something movement nerds can faithfully stand behind.
In order to produce the movement inside of the Bell & Ross BR X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Automatic, Bell & Ross worked with the Swiss movement maker MHC. The movement is almost simple (for a tourbillon) and content, providing the time with tourbillon as the seconds indicator, and automatic winding via a micro-rotor which can be seen at the back of the movement. Bell & Ross replica uses their now signature & logo on the cage over the variable inertia balance wheel tourbillon mechanism. The tourbillon is decidedly wide in diameter to provide with a wide view on the dial.
Seeing the Bell & Ross BR X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Automatic case from various angles permits you to appreciate the wonderful detailing and beveled edges of the sapphire crystal case top and rear. Obviously, the case is motivated by Bell & Ross’ now iconic BR01 and BR03 collection of square-cased watches. With that said, the case is in fact a total new version, even if it is based on the BR03 – which is 42mm wide. The Bell & Ross BR X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Automatic is 42.5mm wide, so that’ only a slight distinctions.

Bell & RossBell & Ross
There are a huge number of ways in which a design such as this could have gone wrong – but I credit Bell & Ross’ serious attention to design detail for making something like the Bell & Ross BR X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Automatic work as well as it does. In my opinion, it needs a mixture of insisting on various design elements (such as the hour track ring on the dial to help emphasize the watch face) as well as restraint in not adding too much to the overall case and movement design.
The best one I want to point out is, with its 42.5mm-wide square case and thin profile, the replica Bell & Ross BR X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Automatic is a pretty nice timepiece making it completely acceptable for daily wear. This debut model (I have a feeling this is a concept Bell & Ross will return to in years to come) is placed on a tapered light gray alligator strap. What I think is most impressive about the overall look of the Bell & Ross BR X2 Tourbillon Micro-Rotor Automatic is that it is decidedly a replica watch for mechanical movement fans, but it also enables to obtain a masculine sex appeal and does not look foolish.