Replica vogue Omega Ref. 2383-4 30T2 and Tissot Research IDEA 2001 Astrolon

This week I’d like to bring something different for you, a wide collection of timepieces should be satisfied with various collect tastes. Firstly, there’s an Omega replica equipped with 30T2 movement, along with a Zodiac powered by the venerable Valjoux 72. Slightly older than the rest are the Universal Geneve Tri-Compax and Lemania CH27 chronograph, both of which ought to give a deep impression for those who appreciate seldom-seen retailer signatures and impressive early timepieces alike. While for those who are more avant-garde, there’s an innovative Tissot that paved the way for Swatch to announce more edition recently, along with a Movado which has a bracelet that still looks significantly modern. Let’s go ahead with it, yeah?
Omega Ref. 2383-4 30T2
There’s always something to be said for a marvelous time-only watch. Except for the packaging timepiece in its most basic form, it’s a great way to evaluatea special brand’s design chopsd. I might have mentioned this before, but I entirely believe that it’s the truest test of a watchmaker’s ability to tap into the exclusive club of icon status. There’s simply less leniency for error when you distill something down basically.
Omega’s history is chock full of time-only pieces, which are regarded to be some of the most significant time-only pieces in watchmaking history by any person. This can be accounted for by their extensive back catalog of aesthetically and mechanically genius calibers, the cal. 30T2 is one of them definitely. While browsing the inventory of a newly released dealer outfit, I met by chance an example of one of my favorite references which crafted the aforementioned movement, the Ref. 2383-4, along with such pretty luminous Arabic indices, pairing with syringe-style hands.
Since the condition of this model is top excellent, personally I thought it’s so wonderful. Its case remains thick, all luminous applications are original, and while the dial has aged, it has achieved a pleasing warm tone, without any significant flaws. There’s a line between patina and damage, and undoubtedly this dial falls into the camp of the former. If you have a pretty handle on the concept of restraint, this timepiece can be easy to become your only watch ever.
1971 Tissot Research IDEA 2001 Astron
Well, we’ve got rather an interesting chronograph, although it’s a significant and innovative one. What you’re looking at is one of the earlier mechanical replica watches to be cased in plastic, and the very first timepiece to feature a mechanical movement crafted out of plastic components. The IDEA 2001 Astron, one of the most futuristic pieces I’ve ever heard of, which was inspired by the Stanley Kubrick film probably and was announced just a few years ago. This example is in new-old-stock condition, which is always nice to see.
In 1971 Tissot announced this piece after quietly experimenting with new materials, and it would pave the way for Swatch’s smash hit recently, the Sistem51. The Astron 2250 caliber was produced mainly out of plastic, which made it not only antimagnetic but also free from requiring lubrication. It was composed of just 52 parts, indicating that it would be the future of watchmaking at the time, considering the simpler production process.
Even if the IDEA 2001 Astrolon was not the success Tissot had hoped it would be, in my opinion, it indeed has made a huge impact on the future of watchmaking, since it broadened material horizons in an industry that remains today through its ways. It’s not exactly rare to see the use of composite materials and plastics in high-end perfect fake watches at present, and probably we have no chance to see such glorious modern watchmaking without timepieces like this.