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Introduction to the 183: Replica U-Boat Radiomir PAM00183

Well, people. This is the BIG oneā€¦pun intended! Before you start on me, let me mention that a few of my friends already ridiculed me for even LOOKING at a U-Boat. So let me tell you all about it and explain why TimeCaptain went for a U-Boat.U-Boat
Now, I had a phenomenal Panerai (PAM00359), but it was never quite the accurate model for me. The odd dial always bothered me. Parting with this exacting piece wasn’t the problem. I just love the classic aviation design and, more importantly, I love the concept of these pieces.
Thus, I was immediately on a mission to acquire a new PAM for my stable. One of the very first references that came to mind was the PAM00183. Several years ago, when I initially decided to buy my own Panerai, it was all due to a blog I read about the 183. I ended up purchasing a very comparable (yet older) 210. However, the 183, at the very beginning, was my favorite typically-Panerai-vintage-watch. And when I spoke to my dealer, he had actually had a virtually new instance for a rational price.
Therefore, you may wonder what is it about the 183? Let’s not do a full technical review, but let’s discuss the essence of the 183. Nowadays, this is your classical 45mm Radiomir with the wire lugs. I concentrate on the word vintage. It utilizes the OP XI caliber movement, which as everybody knows, is based on the good ol’ fashioned ETA Unitas movement. It’s a basic, robust, no-frills movement and it doesn’t even have a date or a hacking mechanism. The movement is noticeable through the back and is completely gorgeous. The 183 has your classic dial with a large 12, 3, 6, and small seconds at 9 o’clock. Actually, I already have some more high-end pieces, such as a replica Rolex and a Panerai. I didn’t need another expensive piece and I really didn’t have the budget for another top piece. If you want my opinion on Radiomir vs. Luminor, click here and read my blog on the subject. In short, the Radiomir is more true to the very first Panerai models. Possibly, more importantly, Radiomir models are slimmer, more elegant, and a little more suited to business attire. Sure, it’s a fashion brand. But I like their designs. I first noticed U-Boat replica watches about 5 years ago when I started collecting seriously. From the beginning, I liked their look and their oversized nature.
The whole backward left-handed setup is the neat crown on the left, small seconds at 3 o’clock instead of 9 o’clock. As I studied the ad, I saw a great opportunity. How does it feel to wear a 183? Well, it feels like I am wearing a Panerai. I have been wearing more high-end pieces, with in-house movements and more complications. But they don’t necessarily have the cool factor of something like a 183. At the moment I strap on my new Radiomir, it feels light. And slim. It feels very vintage and elegant and somewhat more delicate than a Luminor (although they are mechanically similar).
When you’re hunting for real bargains, you have to have an open mind and be willing to compromise a bit. The 183ticked all the right boxes for me and the merely question mark was the brand image and the edgy style. When I thought about it, the 183 expressed everything I was searching for in a bargain replica watches. It was a real salute to those vintage military aviation pieces, albeit in a slick, modern format.

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