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Fake Longines Record Watches – Brand’s First COSC-Certified Collection¬†

We have to make it clear that watch Releases a brand’s 185th anniversary is not just a piece of improvement. At Baselworld 2017, Longines marked this occasion by announcing a new collection of simple, Calatrava-styled timepieces known as the replica Longines Record watches. Aside from offering buyers a choice from four sizes and an assortment of dial options, these watches incorporate a few technical touches to assist with accurate timekeeping. Of considerable note here is the fact that this is the first collection of watches from Longines that have been entirely COSC chronometer-certified.
Before we talk about the movement, however, it would be crucially important to appreciate the variety offered in the lineup. To attract a broad market segment, Longines is offering the Longines Record watches in case sizes of 26mm, 30mm, 38.5mm, and 40mm. Other options such as diamond-set cases on two of the women’s sizes, leather strap or steel strap options, and a variety of dial selections like mother-of-pearl, blue sunray, matte white, black lacquer, and more. All of the replica watches provide 30m of waterproof and feature blued steel or rhodium-plated hands depending on the dial option along with an AR-coated sapphire crystal as well as an exhibition case back.fake watch
As a Swatch Group brand, the Longines Record watches feature exclusively produced ETA-based movements that have been tuned for COSC-certification. Their simple, time-only displays are driven by the caliber L592.4 in the women’s models and the caliber L888.4 in the men’s models. Though simple in their nature, Longines has also incorporated the use of a crystal-silicon balance spring-a feature that moves these beyond your typical ETA movements. While this isn’t a new development, it’s worth noting that the use of silicon in this capacity helps in the areas of resistance to temperature, shock, and magnetic fields.
Here’s a simple rundown of COSC-certification guidelines if you’re not immediately familiar. After considerable testing, watches must adhere to timekeeping parameters of -4 to +6 seconds of variation per day in a range of positions. While the Longines Record watches prove to be a fine choice for this endeavor, I suppose it will be exciting to see where and how Longines will utilize these new COSC-certified movements in future releases as well. What’s more, the L592.4 and L888.4 movements deliver 40 and 64 hours of power reserve, respectively, and support a simple date indicator at 3 o’clock for convenience in daily wear.
The replica Longines Record replica watches are a clear symbol of the brand’s commitment, not just to movement quality, but growth. The fact that there are so many available options is also a big plus and will only help to support more of a universal appeal for a wide range of prospective buyers. As I mentioned previously, I’m hopeful that Longines will continue to expand upon this and incorporate the movements into future models and maybe even some of my existing favorites like the Longines Heritage Military COSD watch.

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2017 Newly Designed Replica Watch of TAG Heuer Link Watch 

In fact, one of TAG Heuer’s most redesigned modern-era watches is Omega Speedmaster Racing, with a host of models that have existed in the collection’s history since the year 1987. In other words, for 2017, the TAG Heuer Link collection turns 30 years old, and therefore, TAG Heuer provides a brand new design for both males and females. This is the TAG Heuer Link Calibre 5 collection for men, which launches the new TAG Heuer Link case, dial, and bracelet. The size of 36mm with a quartz movement for women is available.
My first TAG Heuer timepiece was a Link, which had a very different appearance than these new models in 2017. The TAG Heuer Link was always meant to be a watch that consists of the appeal of both a dress and sports watch – but it does feel as though for 2017 these watches are a little more on the dress-watch side. Therefore, if you consider the TAG Heuer Link a dres’s watch, at least it isn’t a boring one. The new interpretation of the Link’ “S-link” bracelet is decidedly dressier, and the dial is much simpler, with an ultra-legible set of aggressive-appearance hands and hour markers.
One design personality which defines the 2017 TAG Heuer Link models so much is case polishing. Most of the Link watches in my memory have all brushed/satin polished cases, whereas the 2017 collection has obviously polished and brushed surfaces. This is most apparent in the bracelet, which with this new number of polish offers much shine compared to more matte-finished TAG Heuer Link bracelets of a while ago. Replica TAG Heuer makes some other watches with Link-style bracelets in both the Carrera and Formula 1 collections (most notably the Senna watches – as Ayrton Senna wore a Link watch in the early 1990s).
In my opinion, it will take people some while for the new generation TAG Heuer Link watch to rise on them. This is a very different type of TAG Heuer Link in terms of appearance and personality. It is seldom that you have such a distinctive and bold-looking bracelet matched with a case and dial which are a bit simpler compared to others. As we said above, I think that’ not a good thing in fact, because we could use more interesting bracelets which appealing to themselves. One good thing is that it appears TAG Heuer has engineered the bracelet to be a little easier to adjust. Some older generation TAG Heuer Link bracelets were incredibly complicated to adjust for size. Let’ see the rear of the bracelet and you’ll find small pushers that are operated to remove the links. The bracelet also has a well-made and substantial-feeling butterfly-style clasp.
The polished elements of the bracelet links are on the sides or edges, but the surfaces are brushed. This makes for a very attention-grabbing but also masculine look. I do believe that offer access to the TAG Heuer Link to be among the few watches out there which can be a true “men’ jewelry” piece. The case echoes the look of the bracelet to a degree as the flat bezel is brushed with a chamfered polished side. The case and bracelet integration is well-done and is another part of the new look of the 2017 TAG Heuer Link family.
Inside the TAG Heuer Link for 2017 is a TAG Heuer Calibre 5 three-hand automatic mechanical movement, which is a base Swiss Sellita SW200. This actually resembles an ETA 2824 and operates at 4Hz with about two days of power reserve. You can see the movement through the sapphire crystal at the back of the case. What a pity, the movement is more or less entirely un-decorated, so the view through the back of the case for seasoned watch lovers leaves a bit to be desired.
The case is waterproof to 100 meters, and over the dial is a flat, AR-coated sapphire crystal. With all the curves of the case, I am kind of wondering what the TAG Heuer Link would seem with a slightly domed sapphire crystal. The dial’ hour markers and hands are very well-proportioned with the latter being totally well-sized (which I always highly appreciate). While most dres’ watches are a bit more subdued and discreet, the dial of the fake TAG Heuer Link is full of large-sized elements ranging from the hands and the hour markers to the text and TAG Heuer logo itself. This is the most “larger than life” TAG Heuer Link I’ve ever seen.
Small details throughout the entire design help round out a sense of refinement, even if the combination of case design, dial, and bracelet don’t work for everyone. Just like what I said, I like the bracelet layout, soph